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2 Domains on same IP range

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  • 2 Domains on same IP range

    I am administering a small network that when I first started found that there is no replications between the 2 domain controllers tried everything no susses even hired two consultants but they didn't success as well

    here is my configuration
    2 domain controllers 2003
    about 50 workstations
    no a part of a forest or whatsoever
    exchange inst hosted locally

    what I am trying to do is to fix this problem is create a new domain name but it has to be on the same subnet and IP range then manually add workstations then disjoing old domain controllers from the old domain then join them to the new domain is that possible will I have a conflict between the two domains the two domains will be only temporary situation till I join everything to the new domain one thing I am worried about is that on the 2 old domain controlles I have some programs that I still need so I cant just format them will they integrate easily in the new domain as member servers
    the new server that I have to be the new domain controllers is 2008

    appreciate really your help and advice

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    Re: 2 Domains on same IP range

    Read post #4 at the following link. It may be that the Server's Replication had been Tombstoned before you arrived on the scene. The link will show you how to "untombstone" Replication and get it working again. This is worth a try and if it works is a lot easier than creating new Domains.
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      Re: 2 Domains on same IP range

      thanks alot I will give it a try