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set maximum number of objects that can exist in a gorup?

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  • set maximum number of objects that can exist in a gorup?

    for one of our hosted clients, we have a number of groups setup for access to applications that require licences.

    We've sold a certain number of licences, so we add users to this group (call it Licenced_For_Application)
    I've noticed one of the groups has more members than we've licenced for. I don't have auditing on at the moment (fixing this very shortly) so I don't know who added the members.
    One of the members in particular, I created, and ensured I removed all group memberships to these groups, so someone has added it after me.

    There is no defined manager on the group, and it's sitting in an OU that (should) be restricted to only domain administrators.

    What I want to do, is set a maximum number of Userobects that can exist within the group. IT's a standard AD group (one is universal, the rest are global) and is not mail-enabled.

    Does anyone know how to do this.. ? I'm expecting it may be somewhere down depe in the schema, or object attributes, or something..
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