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Publish Folder shares in AD

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  • Publish Folder shares in AD

    I am wondering what the big benefit to publishing folder shares is and why people do this?

    I am looking into this with a thought of getting rid of WINS at some point.

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    Re: Publish Folder shares in AD


    I've used AD published shares in environments where the ability to browse the Windows network is turned off for clients. Instead they had to use AD to search for and attach to shared folders (except when/if they knew the location of a shared folder).



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      Re: Publish Folder shares in AD

      Current computer browsing services use a lot of network traffic, mostly broadcast-based (unless you use WINS). The service isn't reliable, it takes a lot of time for computers to show-up/disappear from the list, elections, conflicts and other multi-homed computers issues.

      On the other hand, although publishing in AD is a manual process and static in nature, this is also one of its greatest benefits. Plus, you get to only publish what you really want people to see, and you can also give them a nice MMC-based taskpad to use.

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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        Re: Publish Folder shares in AD

        Hi Daniel,
        I just sent you 2 personal messages so I hope you get a chance to view them, we chatted via email over a year ago and it was great pleasure to talk to you.

        So I am at a site with browser issues.
        There are probably 4 vlans I am concerned with out of about 12 or so.

        I have machines promoting themselves all the time and my network places not updating properly.
        It is a windows 2003 domain with 3 sites. 2 dc's at one site with all roles on one dc and then all but 1 dc at another site are gc's.
        I have 2 wins servers at my site and then 2 at another and none at the last as it is just a few people.
        I have wins replication errors to the other site as it is in another country and it seems to timeout or something from time to time. ANyway to fix that or do I need to, I just turned it off?

        I am wondering about publishing shares in the AD, if the "book" in xp is gone, how will users browse them?
        What advantage does that give you?
        You mentioned people do this in sites where browsing is disabled, how do you do that?
        I am confused over the browsing service and how it ties into wins.. I know they are separate but the browser doesn't travel across a router right? SO what I notice is many machines are promoting themselves all the time, just the other day I had like 50 backups and 14 masters.
        I have the ISDOMAINMASTER key set to true on the dc with the pdce on the .10 vlan and the rest are set to auto.
        why do machines promote themselves when I have run dcdiag, netdiag, browstat, browmon, browcon and all seems fine except network places isn't updating? HOw does wins tie into browser service? How does the .10 vlan domain master browser pass it's info to the .20 vlan dc that is that subnets master browser?
        WHat else can I do to control this and make it work?
        I heard I can get rid of wins but then most people never do because of issues it causes?
        Lastly, what does dfs give me over a regular file share except the ability to replicate that share folder to another location? Am I right that dfs will replicate the entire folder contents to the server that has the pointer for the dfs root on it?
        Hope you get my personal message in the submit feedback section, thank you


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          Re: Publish Folder shares in AD

          sorry, how do you provide the mmc based task pad for browsing the AD?

          Sorry as well, thank you mercury as well, so how do people turn off the browsing?


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            Re: Publish Folder shares in AD


            so how do people turn off the browsing?
            I would do it by createing a GPO and configure this GPO to disable 'computer browser' service on all clients stuffed into the OU.