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How to Stop Inheriting permissions from parent

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  • How to Stop Inheriting permissions from parent

    I've taken over managing this data center and new to managing some of these things, but, I'll try to explain what I'm doing, that may help provide a solution. I'm a school, I have lots of users, Teachers, Admin, Students...

    Also, I have a Home Server with a Sans with Home Folders.

    I go into AD, find an existing Teacher, copy the user to create a new one. But, the new home folder is not keeping the same permissions from the copied user. We have many different permissions depending on the user, so its a pain to reset every new users home folder security.

    I have also tried using Javelina AD toolkit for creating the user, but it can't set the home folder permissions either. It has some error when it tries.

    Maybe a policy is in effect causing this and i'm not aware of it?

    ANY suggestions how to do this better or solve this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: How to Stop Inheriting permissions from parent


    You can set deny permissions for the user which you do not want on that folder as deny permissions are over allow permissions on priority basis.



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      Re: How to Stop Inheriting permissions from parent

      setting deny permissions might have an affect, yes, but using deny permissions is a last result, in my opinion...

      where would you recommend setting the Deny permission.. ?
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