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  • One Way Replication

    I inherited this problem from the local "network expert". In short 2 Win 2K servers on the network both with active directory. Server 1 is working fine and resolves DNS just fine. Server 2 has AD on it and server 1 relicates to server 2 without problem but not the other way. When I try to force replication I get an RPC error. Netdiag tells me SPN values not available for server 2. So I start looking and trying to use server 2 DNS as the only DNS server, don't work. Open DNS tool and it says DNS not configured on server 2.

    Ok so whoever installed AD on server 2 didn't configure DNS right (or at all). So I figure run dcpromo and uninstall AD then configure DNS correctly and reinstall AD. Doesn't work! Seems the wizzard wants to replicate back to server 1 before uninstalling and quits, gracefully it appears.

    So do I force the removal of AD on server 2 with dcpromo (check the "this is the last DC in the network" box) and then clean up server 1 AD with ntutils (clean metadata etc...)


    Can I try to just configure the DNS service on server 2 and make sure I have the names match as listed in the AD catalog?

    Will either of these risk not being able to log on to server 2 as there is a critical database file and application that I really don't want to have to restore or reinstall on server 2. Why the decision was made to install DNS and AD on this machine I can only guess but I understand it was supposed to be a "redundant safety factor" if server1 quit for some reason. I've already told the boss to plan on a separate server to provide that function but I'd like to at least get AD off of server 2 if I could. Thanks.

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    Re: One Way Replication

    I'd cleanup up the mess like this.

    0. Make sure DC1 holds all FSMO's and is a GC.
    1. on DC2, run dcpromo /forceremoval to remove AD without requiring the other DC.
    2. Run the full metadatacleanup on DC1 to get rid of all references to DC2


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      Re: One Way Replication

      Thanks, after thinking on it and reading some more after posting I had found the /forceremoval flag and had come to pretty much the the same conclusion just needed some validation. I guess I'll have to schedule another night in the office.....

      I appreciate all the help and great input on the forum, for a guy who occaisionally gets called on to do this sort of thing, (my real job is physician and database administrator for an electronic medical record system) I've found the threads invaluable for pointing me in the right direction on OS and Network stuff that I use once or twice a year.

      Now, to find a new network administrator.