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AD 2003R2 AD Site and Services (Replication Partnership) Question

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  • AD 2003R2 AD Site and Services (Replication Partnership) Question


    We are running a server 2003R2 AD domain (schema @ 2003R2) with a mix of 2003 SP2 and 2003R2 SP2 domain controllers.

    We curruntly have approx 12 sites with 10 of those sites only having the one DC and 2 sites having 2 DCs (I know this is not great only having one DC, we will be introducing second DC's at each other site soon).

    I am going to be demoting DC_1 in Site1 in the next few days. I have created a new DC in Site1 called DC_New to replace DC_1 when it is demoted and replication between DC_New and DC_1 and other DCs is working fine.

    My question is DC_1 has about 9 automatically generated replication partnerships with the other DC's in AD Site and Services. When i demote DC_1 will AD automatically figure out new replication partnerships and create them appropriatley/automatically? Or will I need to go through and manually create the replication partnerships on DC_New. I Dont want to cause any long term Replication issues between any of the DCs?

    Thanks Craig

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    Re: AD 2003R2 AD Site and Services (Replication Partnership) Question

    As long as you have set up the replication to be automatic, you wont need to do anything
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      Re: AD 2003R2 AD Site and Services (Replication Partnership) Question

      In order to make sure you can demote the DC without leaving metadata trash behind you can do the following tests:

      1) repadmin /istg and see if it automatically detects the bridgeheads for all your sites (as long as it does it means KCC will automatically recalculate the topology and the demotion will go fine)
      2) look in sites & services in the NTDS Settings containers and see how your connections look like: are they automatically generated ? if yes, your demotion will go fine (manual ones can create problems and are also not recommended)
      3) the day after you demote the DC you can run on any DC in the domain: repadmin /kcc *
      this will trigger KCC to recalculate the topology simultaneously on all DCs (you can then check if there are still connections to the demoted DC where they used to be)
      4) you can run a repadmin /replsum and then check to see if:
      a) the demoted DC still appears in the list after the demotion
      b) funny entries with GUIDs instead of DC names appear (these appear due to such "dead" connections remaining after a demotion

      as long as replication is working fine during the demotion you shouldn't have any probs.