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How to create certificate repository in AD

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  • How to create certificate repository in AD

    Hi everyone
    I have a windows 2003 server with enterprise certificate authority installed on it. it's working properly and has issued over 100 certificates.
    now I want to create a certificate repository which user can connect to over an LDAP client and download other people's certificates.
    according to
    I created a certificate template and ticked "Publish certificates in Active Directory" and then I issued a certificate by that template using certsrv.
    after that I could find the issued certificate in "dc=example, dc=com, cn=users, cn=administrator".
    how can I configure AD to automatically publish every certificate in it's own cn not under administrator? for example if the certificate is issued to john smith the path would be "dc=example, dc=com, cn=users, cn=john smith"