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Caching user profile without logging in.

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  • Caching user profile without logging in.

    First a little background on what I am trying to accomplish:
    I am a "computer tech" who has dived into the realm of network admin because I can't fulfill the needs otherwise. I am solely over 160+ clients and 700 computers that have been poorly managed previous to me.
    Everyone has Admin rights and all sorts of junk is installed causing endless problems for themselves and me!

    I built and configured a WDS server and have created images for most of the computers. Some XP, some 7.
    Each computer typically has only one user, however they have several ancient profiles because the computer was passed around.

    I'm saying all this cause I can prestage the computer account and automate OS/join Domain but I would have to pick the right users data to backup.

    Normally I would have someone log in once on a new installation in order to copy their files over, but the staff will be gone for the rest of the summer.
    I have domain admins rights, so I can do just about anything I need to.

    Is there a way that I can download a profile to a computer without logging in with the account?


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    Re: Caching user profile without logging in.

    USMT will do profile transfers, but IIRC you will need the users credentials
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      Re: Caching user profile without logging in.

      Originally posted by Ossian View Post
      USMT will do profile transfers, but IIRC you will need the users credentials
      I am looking into that. If it's NOT the case that I still need the credentials it may be the answer I need.
      There is a way to integrate USMT into a WDS deployment. Doing so may be rather tough but it would be worth the effort to figure out.

      I suppose I could also log in as the local admin and delete the extra user accounts on each computer to prevent it from backing up ancient profiles.

      From a quick glance it appears as if I can take advantage of the hard-state migration tool if moving to Windows 7, if even from XP!
      That could save a lot of time considering the size of some of this data.