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    When you assign or publish lets say MS Office via Act-Dir through a group policy to a selected group of users, how do you conquer the fact when the software is launched for the first time on the relevant user desktop, that they do not need to know the license code to get the software to work ??

    P.S. I hope this has not previously been listed in the forum I could not find it !!

    Many Thanks in advance for any help suggestions.

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    Re: software deployment

    If you want to avoid Office 2003 activation on the client side, you need to have Volume License media of Office 2003 and in that case you can provide the license key via MST transform, which you can create using Office resource kit.
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      Re: software deployment

      If I'm not totally lost now you could also create an 'Administrative install' of Office 2003 to a central location and then publish/assign the installation to the right users or computers.
      You'll get to enter the reg.code during the Admin install, but won't need to during the following client installs.

      On the other hand, there are quite a lot of nifty little things you can do with ORK to streamline and pre-configure the installation...

      I like to first create the admin-install and then use ORK to do additional changes (like setting default Exchange server for Outlook &c).



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        Re: software deployment

        This isn't a two minute job. I would recommend reading through this first:
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