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Trust Problem

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  • Trust Problem

    Hi again.

    Banging my head against the wall again.

    I am trying to create a one-way trust between a domain based in our DMZ and on our LAN. As far as I can tell everything is set up correctly.

    The error I get is on the DMZ side of the trust is that 'The New Trust Wizard cannot continue because the specified domain cannot be contacted.'

    The two domains are work.internal and

    work.internal has 2 RWDCs and 1 RODC all 2008 R2 - The RODC is in a second site by itself at the moment in another DMZ with IPSec communictions back to the RWDCs. has 2 RWDCs both 2003 SP2.

    I've setup conditional forwarders for DNS on both sides and this works perfectly. I can resolve all DC ips from their FQDNs on both sides.

    All ports are now open between the DCs, initially I had setup IPSec and locked down the ports but I've opened up to troubleshoot.

    I have no idea now where to look, no indicative errors in the event log either. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Trust Problem

    Ok bizarre, it's now working. I thought a good hour would be plenty of time for any replication change I made to take effect, but I guess not.

    I'll get the trust back in and IPSec it down again.