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AD Profile problem with new computer

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  • AD Profile problem with new computer

    Having a problem with a roaming profile that will not load on a new computer I am setting up for an existing user.
    Basically everything works as expected with his current PC. The profile is loaded from the server at login and saved at logout. Lean and clean.
    I have now a new machine for said user and have joined the domain. However when I log in I get the following error messages

    Event ID: 1515
    Description: Windows has backed up this user's profile. Windows will automatically try to use the backed up profile the next time this user logs on

    Event ID: 1511
    Description: Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile. Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off.
    Havenít changed a thing to the user definition in the AD. The old computer still operates normally but the new one wonít load the profile no matter what (although I can successfully browse to the network share from the session so the folder is definitely accessible).

    I have tried
    • disjoining / rejoining the domain
    • disk check
    • virus check
    • disabling the roaming profile for said user - still having a profile error
    • creating new user -> everything works fine

    So it's basically this existing user which is affected.

    Interrestingly enough I have the exact same problem on two completely unrelated sites. The only commonality is that they are both SBS 2008.

    Both machines Win 7 32 bits SP1 - Server 2008 SBS

    Any idea / suggestion most welcome

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    Re: AD Profile problem with new computer

    If you go into the following location in the registry on the workstation you are trying to log on to:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

    You should see sub keys under there named with SIDs, one for each user that has ever logged on to this machine. Find the one that is named with the SID of the user you are having problems with (shameless plug: if you want an easy way to find the SID for a particular user you can use my AD querying tool which you can download here) and delete that subkey. Well you might want to look at the profile location in the ProfileImagePath value within before deleting it just to see if that gives you any clue why this is happening in the first place. Once you have deleted the key named with that user's SID, try logging back on as them and see what happens.
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      Re: AD Profile problem with new computer

      wow - that made the trick !!

      I had indeed a {GUID}.bak entry there. Deleted it. Everything works fine !

      I muss confess that you saved my bacon on this one !


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        Re: AD Profile problem with new computer

        No worries its an annoying problem that happens occasionally in Windows 7
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