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Child domain without parent domain

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  • Child domain without parent domain


    I am new to this forum and this is my first post.

    I am currently planning for restructuring AD in my organization which is currently a mess. The new structure needs to be built from scratch. I am planning to stick to geographical domain structuring which can provide scalability in future.

    So the structure I am planning is like this:

    Parent Domain:
    Child Domain:
    Child Domain:

    Now the problem is that I have to start with Location1 first and only have single license for 2008 server. It won't be until another 6 months that additional licenses are bought. So, I am forced to setup domain for Location1 that shall finally end up as child to parent domain that shall be setup later.

    My questions are:
    1. Can a domain "" be setup and later added as a child to a newly created parent domain ""?
    2. What process would such a setup involve?

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    Re: Child domain without parent domain

    It's not the answer you're looking for, but here's some lateral thinking.

    Use your single W2008 licence to setup the XYZ.Com domain

    Then, re-task an existing W2003 server to be Location1.XYZ.Com domain.
    Upgrade as appropriate and suitable as new licenses come along.

    I'm sure this doesn't neccessarily agree with your overall goal plans, which might be to move to Win 2008, but it's suggested as an interim step.
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      Re: Child domain without parent domain

      This is also not a reply to your question, but some thinking

      Will you have only 2 servers? Why not create 1 domain and use Organisational Units to separate things?

      How big is the setup?
      What is the speed of the links between the sites?


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        Re: Child domain without parent domain

        Thx tehcamel and alex741 for your replies. I was away on vacation and could not post my reply earlier.

        I guess I'll have to stick what "tehcamel" suggested. We do have couple of W2003 licenses with us and the solution would work for us.

        alex741: We have around 250 users at location1 and another 50 users at location2. We also foresee addition of another 2-3 locations 2 years down the road as the company grows. We wanted to segregate locations based on domains. We are not limited by number of servers. We can certainly add more servers later. But we have to just postpone things for another 6 months to fall in line with purchase decisions.

        Again thx for your replies.



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          Re: Child domain without parent domain

          the thing is - with 250 users, and 50 users, one domain, using Sites-n-Services and OUs is probably a better way to go than multiple domains
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