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Reconnecting an Old DC

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  • Reconnecting an Old DC


    Just a quickie, is it safe to reconnect an old 2003 DC back on to the network?

    The hardware died a couple of weeks ago and we've just got around to trying to sort it out. It's now running again although temporarily, my plan was to bring it back online and take it out of the domain cleanly.

    There are other DCs running and the domain is 2003 native. It did not hold any FSMO roles.


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    Re: Reconnecting an Old DC

    Just for further information the tombstone time has not passed and reading a Technet article it says nothing special is required.

    I'm not convinced though it's been off for at least 2 weeks, I'd like a second opinion before I reconnect.


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      Re: Reconnecting an Old DC

      When it died, did it hold any FSMO roles? If so, did you seize them to another DC? If so, you must not reconnect this server until after you have wiped it and reinstalled Windows from scratch. This would require you to perform a metadata cleanup in AD and DNS.
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        Re: Reconnecting an Old DC

        If this server was not FSMO master before, and its AD account was not removed from the directory, you can reconnect it to the network.
        Nothing wrong can happen!
        Very probably the AD synchronization with other DCs will be successfully.

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          Re: Reconnecting an Old DC

          Cheers guys, bought it back in and replication all seems to be ok. The errors in the event logs should now stop .

          Will leave it for another hour or so then dcpromo it out before it dies again.