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Updating AD Schema

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  • Updating AD Schema

    Hi All

    I need to update AD schema from 31 to 47 on a windows 2003r2 domain x86

    The update seems quite straight forward but are there any gotchas I should be aware of prior to doing this please?



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    Re: Updating AD Schema

    Backup first. Verify compatibility of any software that uses AD. Remember that once done, you can't go back
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      Re: Updating AD Schema

      Yeah I have done that, my only worry is our exchange box which is 2003, everything else I use is fine.

      Still trying to find a definitive answer as to whether anything needs doing on that.


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        Re: Updating AD Schema

        As well as the backup, create a test environment by restoring the backup and do some testing prior to the actual upgrade.

        One setting to look out for is Network security:Lan Manager authentication level.

        Verification with regards to compatibility can be established best through your own testing in the test environment. This way, you know the proces to upgrade, have it documented and know the process for rolling back, should you need to.

        As it is a 32-bit OS, you will need to use the ADPREP32 and the usual switches.