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    hi experts, on an AD enviroment, Is there a way to monitor AD users who are downloading movies from the internet? or is it possible to monitor user activity in AD?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Active Directory Users

    well, if you just b want to stop people downloading from the internet, block all outbound traffic, ensure people only use port 80/443 through a proxy.

    that essentially completely removes the ability to use torrents, at the same time, generates a record of what people are doing.
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      Re: Active Directory Users

      It's not possible to do this using AD - this is not what AD is for.

      As tehcamel suggests, implement a proxy and enforce its use to both restrict what users can access, as well as monitoring activity.

      Any actions you take to record or restrict the activities of your staff must be approved by management/HR/legal as appropriate and form part of your company's IT policy before proceeding. This is especially important if you are going to log web activity, since if not done appropriately this would constitute a breach of privacy.
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        Re: Active Directory Users

        thanks for your ideas