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Can't import memberOf into ADAM?

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  • Can't import memberOf into ADAM?

    I'm trying to import records into an ADAM store and it fails on any with memberOf lines.
    dn: CN=Cameron M,OU=WINU01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU=Wintel,DC=winteladam ,DC=net
    changetype: add
    sn: M
    uid: EQB9718
    mail: removed
    givenName: Cameron
    objectClass: top
    objectClass: person
    objectClass: organizationalPerson
    objectClass: user
    cn: Cameron M
    displayName: Cameron M
    CN=AtlasPublishers,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU=Win tel,DC=winteladam,DC=net
    CN=AdminUsers,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU=Wintel,D C=winteladam,DC=net
    memberOf: CN=EndUsers,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU=Wintel,DC= winteladam,DC=net
    CN=AtlasITSPublishers,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU= Wintel,DC=winteladam,DC=net
    CN=AtlasBasicPublishers,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,O U=Wintel,DC=winteladam,DC=ne
    memberOf: CN=CorpUsr,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU=Wintel,DC=w inteladam,DC=net
    userPrincipalName: [email protected]
    msDS-UserAccountDisabled: TRUE
    This is the error in the logs:
    Add error on line 793578: Constraint Violation

    60973: CN=Cameron M,OU=WINU01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU=Wintel,DC=winteladam ,DC=net
    Entry DN: CN=Cameron M,OU=WINU01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU=Wintel,DC=winteladam ,DC=net
    changetype: add
    Attribute 0) sn:M
    Attribute 1) uid:EQB9718
    Attribute 2) mail:removed
    Attribute 3) givenName:Cameron
    Attribute 4) objectClass:top person organizationalPerson user
    Attribute 5) cn:Cameron M
    Attribute 6) displayName:Cameron M
    Attribute 7) memberOf:CN=AtlasPublishers,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtl as,OU=Wintel,DC=winteladam,DC=net CN=AdminUsers,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU=Wintel,D C=winteladam,DC=net CN=EndUsers,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU=Wintel,DC= winteladam,DC=net CN=AtlasITSPublishers,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU= Wintel,DC=winteladam,DC=net CN=AtlasBasicPublishers,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,O U=Wintel,DC=winteladam,DC=net CN=CorpUsr,OU=WING01,OU=WintelAtlas,OU=Wintel,DC=w inteladam,DC=net
    Attribute userPrincipalName:[email protected]
    Attribute 9) msDS-UserAccountDisabled:TRUE
    Next I put that user in a single file and tried the import and this is what was spit out:
    Connecting to "localhost"
    Logging in as current user using SSPI
    Importing directory from file "ldifs\test.ldf"
    Loading entries.
    Add error on line 1: Constraint Violation
    The server side error is: 0x20b5 The name reference is invalid.
    The extended server error is:
    000020B5: AtrErr: DSID-031526B0, #1:
    0: 000020B5: DSID-031526B0, problem 1005 (CONSTRAINT_ATT_TYPE), data 0,
    Att 20066 (memberOf)
    When I connect using ADSIedit the attribute memberOf IS present but empty obviously.
    Last edited by pcm2a; 24th March 2011, 21:39.