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set AD Attribute "Department" = OU name

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  • set AD Attribute "Department" = OU name

    I would like to be able to have all of my users "Department" attribute to auto-set itself to their OU name (or a script to do so) has anyone any experience with doing this - or be able to point me in the right direction to do so? I have ALOT of users and I need to populate this field for all of them - I could do so manually, but it will take a VERY long time to do so. Hoping one of you gurus knows how to accomplish this.
    Thanks in advance for your time to anyone who may respond to this.

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    Re: set AD Attribute "Department" = OU name


    You can use ADModify.Net tool to such kind of change.
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      Re: set AD Attribute "Department" = OU name

      How many department OUs do you have? If it's only a few then the easiest way would be to use ADU&C. Go to each OU, select all the users and open the properties and then you can edit the department all at once. If you have more than 10 department OUs then we can look at scripting the change.

      If you have a lot of OUs then post back with what OS your DC is and we can go from there.

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