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2008 R2 and (mainly) Win 7

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  • 2008 R2 and (mainly) Win 7

    This 'may' be DNS, it may be just a Microsoft problem. Since I cannot find the answer, I don't know where I should place this problem.

    Recently, all of the computers on the network (2 x 2008 R2 Servers, 3 x Win 7 Ultimate, one 2008 Datacenter, one XP Pro computer, one XP Tablet laptop) were visible in Explorer, although one Win 7 and the XP computer could be reached after a while. The servers showed the icons of each computer under Network. Each computer easily available to each other.

    So, with perhaps the latest updates, or not, because I don't know where the problem arose, both the servers only show one computer: the 2008 datacenter, Bucephalus. Two Win 7 boxes show all of the computers under Network, and can reach them, even if slowly for the XP Pro box. The third Win 7 gave problems, and I reinstalled the OS, using the recent TechNet SP1 Ultimate version I downloaded. It, too, only shows Bucephalus, and not even itself appears in Network. I really don't want to restart either of the two computers that show every member, just in case they won't!!
    Under Explorer on Leicester, the XP Pro box, access is denied to Windows Networking, even if an administrator user tries.

    I have no clue what I have done, because, as I said, the network was working, and now it does not.

    I really need some help here: all updated fully, all have easy Internet access, using several different browsers.

    I can ping all of the computers from the other computers. I can see every computer in DNS on both of the servers.

    Email {MOD EDIT EMAIL REMOVED} if you need further info, or post here.


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    Re: 2008 R2 and (mainly) Win 7

    Have managed to make the XP Pro box become a member of the DCs DNS! This computer was invisible, even though it logged on through their Active Directory.
    However, now it cannot access, as it could not before actually, Microsoft Windows Network with the attendant icon for the Network (named Dickins).

    The message arrives: headed Microsoft Terminal Services
    Dickins is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

    Odd that the other computers that have working Network, now can read the shared drives on Leicester, although that computer is unable to reach any other.

    The newly installed Win 7 SP1, Hyperion, is similarly unable to see what is out there on the network.

    I wondered whether creating a new object, and moving all of the computers there, including the DCs (?) would change anything. Has anyone done that successfully. Presumably at least one DC should be at the head of the forest?


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      Re: 2008 R2 and (mainly) Win 7

      What is odd is that clicking on Advanced sharing settings I find that both DCs and the Datacenter won't save 'Turn on network discovery' button. Plus, on Hyperion, the new Win 7, the Advanced sharing has 'Turn on network discovery' but only sees Bucephalus and the printer.

      Utterly frustrating situation that I have never come across before.


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        Re: 2008 R2 and (mainly) Win 7

        On Social Technet Microsoft I found this:
        Ensure these services are running:
        DNS Client
        Function DiscoveryResource Publication
        SSDP Discovery
        UPnP Discovery

        Now, _some_ of the computers appear on the network, on the troublesome machines, that is.


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          Re: 2008 R2 and (mainly) Win 7

          Network is now running as it was, except for the two XP computers.
          Neither are seen on the DCs, or the Datacenter, or the new Win 7 Ult SP1. Neither of them can access the network.
          The two Win 7 computers that could see every other computer still see the two XP boxes.

          Leicester, the XP Pro SP3 machine is required for some antique reasons which includes an old, but excellent, SCSI scanner.
          I shall have to discover why the 2008 R2 DCs can show Leicester and the XP Tablet in DNS and Active Directory, but on the other side can't show them under Explorer Network.

          Trolling the Internet results in finding many complaints that Win 7 can't see XP, and any number of other arrangements. It would appear that I may have to accept that Microsoft are idiots in not having their own OS of any reasonable age not see all of the others. People still have needs for the use, and that includes networking, of all manner of older and newer operating systems.

          Note that if I add an Apple computer to the network, then it sees every computer! What?
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            Re: 2008 R2 and (mainly) Win 7

            Have you enabled NetBios over TCP?
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              Re: 2008 R2 and (mainly) Win 7

              NetBios is activated in the DC, as is WINS.
              Oddly, which is why I think that evil magicians work in Redmond, all of my Win 7 computers now see the XP boxes.
              I had done nothing!

              Also, without having done anything, the XP network application suddenly started working, and I can now see every computer from the two XP machines!

              None of the Windows 2008 computers see the XP boxes.
              The AD on the DCs shows all of the computers, but the DNS does not show the XP Tablet, even if it can log on with no problem whatsoever!

              I was afraid to reboot the Win 7 computers but, having done so, they still do show every computer. Whatever this problem is, I can find no reason for it. This is an oddment due to a possible update? Don't really know. Everything worked, and then it did not, and now it is nearly back to normal, having used a few fixes found on the web.

              Just installed SP1 on the main DC: and now all of the computers are shown! So, it was a bug? Who knows!
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