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Domain resource access from non Domain PC

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  • Domain resource access from non Domain PC

    Hi all, hope you're all doing well. I am reletively new to networking as a current student, but i catch on fairly quickly and have some working knowledge of various networking techs but mostly broad introductory learning.
    Currently i have a few burning questions that i would like to try and find out relatively quickly if im asking for a bit of a free pass to some information relavant to my particluar problems if anyone has time.
    Firstly in the test environment we are learning on there is one server box with a DC/AD and basic file server( one parent folder with 10 sub-folders) that stores some general resources for classes, and the resources generally dont change.
    Currently our university has a normal fully fledged and very large large AD domain with individual user accounts and all computers log onto the domain etc etc, like a normal windows domain.
    For the networking department however we have a student designed, built, and administered network that is seperated from the normal domain and gives more flexibility and permission to students. Every semester this network is redesigned by the students and rebuilt. Currently the networking departments network has several servers that are on their own domain an connected up. There is a file server, ad/dc, proxy, av server, backup services, dchp, web server, and dns currently running on the various server boxes.
    The classroom runs in a workgroup and each student does not require a personal username and logon credentials, they generally logon to the workstations using an administrator account. Currently if a student wants to retrieve some files or resources from the file server(on the DC), they will be prompted for logon credentials, (there is only one generic logon used for staff and students to access the file server, aside from the admin account), as i understand this is because they are just in their workgroup and need to logon to the domain to get resources off the file server which is on the networking domain.
    What after that wall of text i am wondering is if there is a way to access some folders on the file server without requiring a login, with the file server remaining on the domain and the workstations being in there workgroups. We basically want some folders to be able to be accessed without needing to logon everytime to open the folder. From my limited knowledge i think there is a way to get to resources on the domain for anonymous users in the case of a web server, where they are authenticated by a guest account automatically to access the web page on the webserver on the domain.

    Also assuming we solve the authenication issue if possible, currently to access the file server we use a \\ (sans the space ofc) to map to the server which takes us to the parent folder and we take it from there. What i would like to acheive is have the subfolders mapped through DNS as appropriate to varous workstations. So a folder named "new stuff" would be entered in DNS so the path and location is resolvable. I have as yet only used DNS to the point where i would resolve a computer name of X machine or X web address to X IP address and not much else where i go beyond the ip and into subfolders. You may be able to tell I am somewhat confused already! As far as i can tell from asking and looking you would first need to share the folders, and then it gets hazy..:P
    If anyone has some personal insights that would be awesome, or if anyone could point me to where this infomation would be well explained instead that would be great as well.

    Thanks alot.

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    Re: Domain resource access from non Domain PC

    I wouldn't recommend allowing workgroup members to connect automatically to domain server shares but depending on the number of users involved and to still maintain a level of security, if the file server is only a domain member and not a DC, you could create a local user accout on the file server and adjust NTFS and share permissions as appropriate and ensure it matches the username/password for the workgroup computer.