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  • Conflicting article tips

    I found somewhat conflicting tips bewteen two of your articles, and I'm wondering if you could clarify what to do. I've had a hardware failure of the PDC in my Windows 2003 network, so I had to seize all 5 FSMO roles to a new machine.

    At the end of your article about seizing FSMO roles, you say not to put the IM role on the same DC as the GC server. But yet on the article "What are the considerations for the FSMO placement in Active Directory?" you say "You should also configure all the domain controller as a Global Catalog servers" and in "How can I configure a Windows 2000/2003 Server as a Global Catalog?" you say "One GC server per domain in each physical location is sufficient".

    I'm sure it makes all sense, but I'm missing it...

    I'm managing a small office LAN with 10 workstation and 4 servers.

    Thank you so very much for the great articles you have posted on this topic. AD is not easy to grasp...


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    Re: Conflicting article tips

    Please review:


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      Re: Conflicting article tips

      The short answer: the IM is irrelevant in a forest with only one domain. So, don't worry about it!