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Active Directory Sizer for Win2k3 DC?

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  • Active Directory Sizer for Win2k3 DC?

    Hello All,

    I have a 2- Win2k3 DC with 300,000+ users. is there any tool that can help me to estimate if I need more domain controller machines.?

    Also it will be good if anyone can suggest me the best practises as how many users should be there in one DC.

    Also is there any tool as Active directory sizer which we have for win2k DC


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    Re: Active Directory Sizer for Win2k3 DC?

    You might want to take a look at AD Sizer (, which is a bit outdated, but will give you a good clue about the HW requirements; and SPA (

    All that said, 300K users is a LOT for only 2 DCs. Are you sure you have not missed couple zeros ?
    For 300K user distributed environment I would expect something around 100-400 DCs (if you are world-wide) and several dozens DCs if you are centralized.
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