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Bring recently bought company to existing domain

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  • Bring recently bought company to existing domain

    Recently My company has acquired a small company in the area with about 20 users, their network has one 2008 SBS server that is hosting exchang07, ERP system that uses SQL express edition, Quickbooks, which also uses SQL express edition, this SBS server is on vMware setup, on the server they have about 500GB of data.

    Right now the new company works from same location in a separate office with separate network.

    OK now on my network I also have SAN with enough space, setup on vmware environment, I have Exch03 STD edition, and AD 2003,

    Based on this details, My plan is go with following steps,

    Copy the whole VMDK file for SBS server first on backup device,
    from the SBS exchange server convert users mailboxes to pst files,
    remove the newly bought company's users PC from the domain,
    remove exchange07, and then remove AD from the SBS server,
    Now Bring the SBS server's VMDK file to my vSphere HA cluster,
    Turn on the SBS VM on my vMware and then join it to my domain,
    Join all the PCs from new company to my domain. and then open the respected PST files on the users PC so that they can use their old emails, all this users are going to be connecting to my AD.

    Is this plan should work for me?

    Will the user in the new company still be able to work with their quickbooks an d ERP system?

    Will there be any problem once the AD is removed from the SBS and the SBS is joined to my domain? will AD leave some residue on the SBS that will create problem for me?

    Please advise,

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Bring recently bought company to existing domain

    you can't just remove AD and so on from SBS.

    the problem is you can't create a trust for SBS, so you can't just migrate resourcs slowly into the new domain.

    approach like this.
    create new user accounts in your domain.
    get the ERP and account stuffing working.
    then setup mailboxes for the users
    redirect the mx
    depart the workstations from the old domain and join them to the new one.

    shutdown the old servers
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      Re: Bring recently bought company to existing domain

      Thanks for the reply,

      Yes, I think you are right here, I will approach with your suggestions,

      I have not done any export to PST files for all the mailboxes on exch07 can you please guide me how I should approach this?

      Briefly here is what I have,

      Exch07 on SBS with 85GB mailbox store,

      I planning to Export all the mailboxes to PST file,

      How should I proceed?

      Many Thanks,