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  • Domain Master Browser

    I have about 5 dc's and 40 member servers, plus a couple hundred xp clients
    I get alot of errors about machines promoting themselves to be the master browser and also a machine thinks another is the master browser.

    I believe they are 8003 srxmb errors.

    I started looking around the net and found a ton of information but nothing to really define what I should do. i looked on the dc - all of them are 2003 dc's by the way- and the dc that has the pdc emulator role has the ISDOMAINMASTER reg key set to FALSE. I changed that to TRUE.
    Now what about the rest of the dc's and member servers?
    Is it advised to turn off the computer browser service on all member servers and clients except for a few that we are fine with letting become backup browsers?
    if they are going to be backup browsers do we need to change the ISDOMAINMASTER key to TRUE, AUTO< or FALSE?

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    Re: Domain Master Browser

    Please review the answer in the orginal post.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Domain Master Browser

      Please do not double or cross post threads.

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