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Active Directory, Unix /DNS

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  • Active Directory, Unix /DNS


    I've inherited a mixed platform network that provides our users with a html based environment.

    We have 2 Windows 2000 servers - One file server/One SQL server. The rest are linux/unix/samba type.

    The 2000 server with active directory (File server) needs to be replaced,repaired. Its "fubar".

    I've built up a replacement server also Windows 2000 and am trying to add it as a second domain controller to the domain.

    I'm getting the dreaded "The domain "" is not an Active Directory domain, or an Active Directory domain controller for the domain could not be located." message.

    DNS is not on windows, its on a unix machine. I can ping the domain controller without any trouble. Infact I can use active directory Users and Computers to admin the "" domain. I get this message before connecting to "" domain.

    "domain controler "blah" is in domain "" You are currently administering domain. Do you want to administer "" by using domain controller "blah"?

    Currently a unix newb, ramping up quickly on this network. can anyone help me with what type of configuration i should look for on the unix dns to get this to work?

    Your help appreciated,


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    Re: Active Directory, Unix /DNS

    guess that you will need to create A + SRV records to the new DC as the old one in the Unix DNS zone.
    It will be wiser to move the DNS to the Active Directory instead of Unix from my point of view.

    You may need also to disable dynamic registration of the A records by the new DC (You can do it on the TCP/IP properties of the NIC)
    if the DNS zone doesn’t support dynamic update


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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