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VPN access mapping drives

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  • VPN access mapping drives

    Hey Guys..

    we are in the process of migrating off novell and im not sure if you guys know much on the novell client but when a user is offsite they tick the "workstation only" tab and they can loging only to the workstation, not to the tree

    then they open cisco vpn and create the vpn tunnel and then that allows them to manually login to via the red N

    on the task bar and then run the login script to map their network drives

    my question is... when the novell client is removed how do remote users login and map their network drives

    im in the process of creating a vbs login script for the AD side

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    Re: VPN access mapping drives

    krayzie, could you please upload your images to the Petri Forum. Reason being, when the link to your site is broken this thread will no longer make sense because the images shall not be available. (I am speaking from personal experience here).


    Re your question, what workstation O/S are you using? I have a VPN on an XP machine and when the connection is made I just run the script from a UNC path. There is likely to be an automated way but I was in a hurry (and feeling lazy) so I didn't search for a better option.

    Windows 7 may have a dialogue box that will allow a UNC path to be included in the initial connection. Of course I could be typing complete bollocks. Will Google it later.
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      Re: VPN access mapping drives


      You can do the following for remote users (not remote location users) need to authenticate with DC at least once, then they can login using cached credentials. AD will take care of it.

      For mapping drives you can create login scripts and associate them with GPO also you need to enable offline folder caching on shares via gpo so that when users are not connected to network they still can access the sharedrive in offline mode, changes will be in sync once they come to network.
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        Re: VPN access mapping drives

        i tend to just chuck a shortcut to the sysvol logon script on their desktop
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          Re: VPN access mapping drives

          hey all.. just done the pics..

          we are using XP but will be eventually be going 7.

          id prefer it if we didnt have to have the users to click a link to a loginscript.vbs or something



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            Re: VPN access mapping drives

            ahh of course - you want the users to have a better experience than tey already do (thus the move from novell I guess :P)

            I believe (according to some research i just did) that Cisco VPN Client that you mentioned, is able to run a logon script after it completes dials.


            try this
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              Re: VPN access mapping drives

              I know on our SonicWALL VPN CLient we have the option to run a command after a connection is established. If i needed to i'd run the correct logon script from there.

              I can't imagine Cisco not having the same or similar.