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  • Interpretation of Username

    I have an application that creates a local user account (BladlelogicRSCD) on member servers as a part of its install process. The application's client piece is hardcoded to run on the server using this local account for member servers. It can also be run on domain controllers, in which case it creates a domain account of the same name (domain\BladelogicRSCD) and runs using this domain account only on domain controllers.

    When run on a member server, the application cannot (and is not supposed to) use the domain\BladelogicRSCD account and is instead required to use its local account. The problem we're seeing is that some member servers are instead attempting to use the domain version of the account instead of their local version. This leads to bad things occurring since the member servers are using the wrong password and rapidly locking the domain account (and filling up logs with failed login attempts).

    Is there some policy setting that would cause a member server to evaluate an account as a domain account by default instead of a local account? We're not the only ones seeing this behaviour, but most people are not seeting this occur so it leads me to suspect some group policy setting is responsible. It could also be a bug in the application's code that is inadvertently directing it to use a domain account instead of the proper local account, but i'd like to see if there are any AD environmental issues that could potentially cause such behaviour.

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    Re: Interpretation of Username

    How as the application been rolled out? Have you installed it using a local logon account as oppose to a domain account?


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      Re: Interpretation of Username

      i dont think there's a group policy setting that can say "oh wait, use local account for this rather than domain

      why not just set the passwrods for the domain account, and the local accounts, to all be the same ?
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        Re: Interpretation of Username

        I'd shoot the programmer.

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