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DC move to another subnet.

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  • DC move to another subnet.

    I need a suggestion for the right way to accomplish DC move to another subnet and insure full AD functionality.

    1. The domain is part of the forest (schema upgraded to 200

    2. The domain spanning on different sites and subnets.

    3. The subnet in question is separate from other sites by Firewall with NAT (don't ask why )

    4. The subnets are: 172.x.x.x with DC1 and 10.x.x.x with DC2. All 3 domain roles are on DC2

    5. The goal: to install new DC2008 on 10.x.x.x and remove DC1(2003).

    For the testing phase I plan to open any to any between a client computer on 172* and new DC on 10* then to open just ports for AD functionality.


    1. is my plan OK

    2. would the weight and/or priority change with the
    SRV records allow flawless logon to the server on subnet 10*



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    Re: DC move to another subnet.

    If you build your new dc on the corretc subnet, and ensure it's added to the correct subnet in AD Sitse and SErvices, it should setup the SRV and weighting correctly.

    just make sure you transfer the domain master roles

    this is relatively simple in my mind
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