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Adding Custom Attribute to AD problem

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  • Adding Custom Attribute to AD problem

    I'm trying to add an attribute to AD following the instructions in this link Where it says to go to the Go to the Attributes Tab and Click Add. I do that and the attribute I created doesn't show in the list. I didn't miss any steps. Does anyone know if there is a step needed not listed in these instructions?

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    Do you have Schema Admin rights??


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      Yes, the MMC windows doesn't show the options unless you do. I can create the attribute it just doesn't show in the list to add it to the Class


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        Yep just checking.

        So you created the attribute then went into the Classes option and selected the Class you want to extend, clicked on Attributes, Clicked on Add then tried to browse through the schema options for the attribute you created and its not there? Can you see the attribute when you are in the attributes window?