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AD Trust One Way - RPC failure, authentication issue

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  • AD Trust One Way - RPC failure, authentication issue

    Hi All,

    I'm having trouble getting a trust relationship up and running between two sites. I have a one way selective authentication up and running and this went fine. The trusts are defined and there are no errors in the event logs. Ive setup the dns forwarders between the two sites. Both domains on either sites resolve to working domain controllers.

    I then tried to get RDP access with a user from domain A on domain B. I set the user up as a local admin on the server, allowed the user remote access and set the user to allow authentication access in AD.

    When i try and log into the windows 2003 server domain A is listed and I select this domain and enter my credentials. I just then get a grey screen for approx 2 mins then i get the error on screen:

    The system cannot log you on due to the following error: The remote procedure call failed.

    In the event log:

    Logon rejected for domain A\user. Unable to obtain Terminal Server User Configuration. Error: The remote procedure call failed.

    The strange thing is that when I try the same thing on a Windows 2008 server it lets me login to the server using the user from domain A. Everything is setup the same apart from it being on a different server and operating system.

    Anyone come across anything similar?

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    Re: AD Trust One Way - RPC failure, authentication issue

    Just an update on this one. I'm still having the problems trying to RDP onto the windows 2003 servers.

    I have tested out connecting to SQL servers in domain B with users from domain A with no problems. I added the user from A to the SQL logins on the sql server in B and I am able to point my sql management studio at the box and authentication with the domain A user. I have also managed to setup the same thing with a vmware vcenter.

    Anyone any ideas on the windows 2003 error?