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Give user rights to manage security group

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  • Give user rights to manage security group

    I'm trying to gran a user rights to modify a Security group. Or more accurately they were able to yesterday and now it not working. BAsically someone years ago gave a group the rights to manage this list by following below and it doesn't work as of today. They can bring up the MMC see the group but when they double click on it, nothing. No error just nothing

    the group, Properties, then Managed By, and add the user there and check the "Manager can update membership list" box.

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    Have you tried both Active Directory Administrative Center and Active Directory Users and Computers?
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      have you recently raised the forest or domain functional level for your org?

      the only other thing i think for you to check out is this (slightly remedial) security and group membership page from m$. if it worked and now it doesnt, something in your org change, possibly poor membership selection via a removed security group overlap.. im not sure. but i would read the link and place it in line iwth an rsop for the security group and the user individually to see where the deny is.
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