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  • AD replication faild


    I have a question regarding lingering objects and replication services. I installed vmware server to one of my domain controlers. After uninstalling the vmware server and after I deleted DNS records for virual vmware network adapters, the domain controllers stopped replicating to each other. In first DC I see error

    Source domain controller:
    CN=__vmware_user__\0ADEL:ffff469e-498a-4903-8cd2-480620f3ebd8,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=domain,DC=local
    Object GUID:
    ffff469e-498a-4903-8cd2-480620f3ebd8 This event is being logged because the source DC contains a lingering object which does not exist on the local DCs
    Active Directory Domain Services database. This replication attempt has been blocked.

    Can somebody help me to remove object ffff469e-498a-4903-8cd2-480620f3ebd8, because I cannot find it with ldp or ADSedit.

    Thanks for your answares.

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    Re: AD replication faild

    The reason you can't see the object is because it's in the deleted objects container. To see deleted objects in ldp you can go to options, controls, and in the load pre-defined drop-down, select return deleted objects. This will load the necessary filters to display deleted objects.

    The object you're requesting help deleting has already been deleted.


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      Re: AD replication faild

      Hello, thanks for your answare. I found this object on my secound server. Now I have question if I can just delete this record under CD=Deleted objects or not. Becouse I think that this object is the reason that my AD is not replicating.


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        Re: AD replication faild


        can you run dcdiag and repadmin /syncall and prpvide logs
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          Re: AD replication faild

          You will need to use repadmin with the /removelingeringobjects switch. The /removelingeringobjects switch will compare the partition of the DC with the lingering object(s) to a "known good" reference DC and remove the differences.

          These may be helpful to you...


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            Re: AD replication faild

            Thanks to all of you

            I already checked this blog you suggested, before I posted this problem.

            I think I'm making a mistake when I'm running repadmin command

            srv01 is the server on which I see the error in event viewer.
            srv02 is the server which has lingering object

            so I run the command on srv02

            repadmin /removelingeringobjects srv02 ffff469e-498a-4903-8cd2-480620f3ebd8 DC=domain,DC=local /advisory_mode

            After running the command I get error:
            DsReplicaVerifyObjectsW() failed with status 8524 (0x214c):
            The DSA operation is unable to proceed because of a DNS lookup failure.

            So can you please give me a guide how to write the correct syntax

            Thanks in advance


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              Re: AD replication faild

              repadmin /removelingeringobjects SRV02.domain.local <objectGUID of SRV01> DC=domain,DC=local /advisory_mode

              This will tell you how to find the objectGUID of your reference DC.


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                Re: AD replication faild

                And what if you have a lot of lingering objects.
                How do you know which DC is still healthy and which is not?