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Adding new Win 2008 Srvr and making it Active DC

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  • Adding new Win 2008 Srvr and making it Active DC

    Hello Experts,

    I have a Win 2008 Srvr Std. edition 32-bit acting as a Domain Controller. There is only one DC in domain so naturally it is PDC.

    The case is like this now I want to add another server Win 2008 Std. edition 32-bit and want this new server to be active DC but the old one also stays ON so we will call it later BDC ? Secondary DC ? Please let me know.

    Ok, now I already finished the installation on new server, I want to know the steps to do in order to shift all roles from old server. I totally have no idea about it as going to perform this for the first time. How to begin , let me know about it, any good article with pictures guiding the way for this. Once this is finished do I need to do any kind of settings in user PC's

    Thanks & Regards,
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    Re: Adding new Win 2008 Srvr and making it Active DC

    Network configuration.

    DNs1 ->own
    DNs2 ->other server

    On the second one
    From server manager - roles - add roles - active directory domain service
    make from cmd dcpromo
    add to existing forest as new domain controller

    After that you will get next step
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