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What exactly is Bastion forest?

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  • What exactly is Bastion forest?

    I read a lot of articles about new features in Windows Server 2012 and 2016. I stumbled upon this bizarre bastion forest thing. I couldn't find a good article explaining it. I have a vague picture of it. What is it exactly? And should I create the bastion forest myself? Or is it a concept which is conducted in background with Microsoft?

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    The whole concept tries to separate administrative forest and production forest. Bastion forest, or more precisely, the whole concept of bastion environment is an abstraction. you can name your administrative forest whatever you want. If you are looking to understand bastion environment and how it works in detail, you should first read about PAM (Privileged Access Management). There are plenty of document about PAM. Just google it.
    If you want to implement it, start with the following article:
    The following post is also helpful, if you only wants to get the gist.