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Which Active Directory Reporting Tools?

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  • Which Active Directory Reporting Tools?

    I have recently encountered many instances in which a non-expert IT manager asks me for some AD-related reports. I'm an MCSE certified and currently install and implement certain Microsoft solutions for all sort of companies. However, I wondered for sometime how to teach IT managers, who does not have a knowledge of PowerShell, to generate AD reports. Well, I stumbled upon several solutions recently which indeed confused me even further. There are numerous AD reporting solutions, all of them are kind of interesting. Does anybody have any experience in working with therm and have an objective perspective for comparison? I just name a few which I found most interesting:
    AD manager by Manage Engine
    Borna by Dana Pardaz Co.
    Jiji Active Directory reports by jiji technology
    ARK for Active Directry by vyapin
    AD Admin & Report by LDAPsoft
    AD Report by Maxpowersoft
    AD Reporting tool by CJWdev
    AD reporting by Netwix

    I guest the list can go forever, that's why I'm confused. Moreover, the price of the software is of real importance, since many small or medium size companies are reluctant to spend thousands bucks on a full-features software which many not even use.
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    As you mentioned, there are several solutions. That completely depends on what you want. If you are going to work in an enterprise company which may use advanced features, such as automation, self-service password reset or help-desk-like workflow, your choice is confined [MOD EIT LINKS DELETED] There might be other solutions, but I have only tested these two. AD manager is more famous and a little more advanced and have quite a lot of fancy features, such as Office 365 management and reports. If you are not going to use them that would be huge waste of money. Borna is more straightforward and cheaper, yet have many advanced features such as automation, etc.

    If you only need a reporting tool, most of the solutions you mentioned works for you. Jiji, for instance, have around 350 reports. Honestly, I suggest you not to overwhelm with numbers. As it turned out, when I was testing the software, that they somehow manage to break simple reports into several reports. For instance, in AD manage and Borna, you can simply filter the report on whatever field you want. In Jiji, however, they create a report for every possible combination of filters and reports, which, frankly, just confuses you. Needless to say, sometimes you have to scroll down the whole category of reports to find what you want! Painful, ha!! Just try it.

    To sum up, look at you budget and your needs. If you need only a reporting tool which be economical, I recommend CJWdev, Jiji, or even standard version of Borna. If you are looking for more than that, try AD manager or Borna (enterprise edition).
    All of them have a trial version. Don't afraid to test them. All of them have user-friendly wizard and you don't have to read any manual or help to work with them.
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      I somehow agree with John. [MOD EDIT LINKS DELETED] great solutions. For only a reporting purpose, I guess ARK for AD is an acceptable choice.
      To mention a real case in which I lean toward Borna, A few months ago I installed AD manager for trial period in my organization. All the things work great and I really loved it. When I was told to test Borna AD manager, I was reluctant, but I eventually did it. Among all the differences, there is a self service portal in Borna which is really amazing. With such a feature, my users can log in to Borna, and change their own fields which I can customized. It is awesome. Since our third party help desk system depends on the information in Active Directory, users didn't try to randomly mess with their own attributes in Active Direcotry. But, they did fill all important ones required by our help-desk. I almost saved me great deal of time. Image filling attributes of over 1500 users by yourself. To have a real objective perspective, you should test trial version of both of them. But, I guess all of the other solutions have minor differences. You probably don't see anything new in other tools, unless you look for some bizarre feature, unrelated to active directory reporting.
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        Any more "one post wonders" with links to commercial sites WILL be BANNED - no questions, no second chances
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          Hi paya_abdi. Have you had time to test these options? I would love to hear about it if you have any remark. I also couldn't find any useful article comparing them.