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Internet Favorites and Mandatory Profiles

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  • Internet Favorites and Mandatory Profiles

    Hello All

    Was wondering how one would overcome this issue, we use mandatory profiles throughout our network with folder redirection for my documents.

    But of late we are getting complaints that staff/students cannot save there own favorites listings.

    Is there away to have there own favorites redirected and save from say there H: drive

    Any ideas most welcome.


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    Re: Internet Favorites and Mandatory Profiles

    Hi there

    We have the same problem!!! The only way i have got around it (but it doesn't seem to be 100% effective) is to use a log off script (set in GP) to copy:

    xcopy c:\documents and settings\%username%\favorites *.* \\server\share\userprofile\favorites
    Something like that anyway! And a line at the start to delete the favorites in the network profile otherwise when the user deletes any favorites they will still be in the network profile.

    But i would like to hear what other forum members suggest...
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