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  • Name change Alias

    Hi Guys, Thanks a lot for your help, advice and support in advance. I have an AD users who´s name was changed as a result of marriage and after the change her mailbox was migrated to Office365 and each time she sends a mail the emails has her first name and her formal last name as the sender.............Pls my question is, how do I change this so that it will reflect her first name and her current new last name...? Her AD properties looks like the following

    User login name:Her current last name

    User login name(pre-windows 2000):Her formal last name (Can I change this to her current last name)

    In our Exchange server which we still has in spite of her mailbox been migrated to Office365 her Mailbox properties look like this:

    Name : Her current last name

    Alias : Her formal last name (Can I change this to current last name)

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    We've had a few of these. You shouldn't have any issues with changing the pre-windows-2000 label to the new last name. The info in Exchange should follow that, after a few minutes. The behind-the-scenes SID info about the user's account won't change, so the links between AD & Exchange should be fine.
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      How are you getting the information into O365 - DirSync or manual entry?
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        Thanks a guys for the advice much appreciation....Ossian we are using DirSync--AD connect


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          I also saw this on the AD attribute editor of the user .---Mail: the user current email address with firstname and her married name
          MailNichname : Her Previous lastname.
          Rickles....I have changed her pre-windows-2000 to her current first and current married name and I was wondering if I could also change the Attribute editor MailNickname or should I just leave it as is and wait for the AD to update the change I made on her pre-windows-2000 .


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            To be honest I have no experience with that specific attribute, so can't say. I'd leave it for a day or 2 and see how the standard attributes update. In the meantime, I'll have to have a look around to see what that is and how it's used. If I come up with anything pressing I'll add it here.

            UPDATE: Have a read of this short article from MS: ''. My Exchange environment is an Enterprise deployment without 'cloud' connectivity, so this hadn't come up. The article gives some plain advice about the MailNickname attribute, and what you should do.
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