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ADC & Members Offline for > 6 months

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  • ADC & Members Offline for > 6 months

    We have a situation where additional domain controller and a few member systems of the domain are offline for more than 6 months. All are running on 2008 R2 OS. Now what problems will occur if I power on the domain controller, other member servers & how can I resolve the issues?

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    A quick search for this shows that it can be quite risky re-introducing a tombstoned DC back into your network and using registry edits (or, perhaps other methods), to force replication. The general consensus seems to be that you should perform a /forceremoval of the AD, perform a metadata cleanup and then add the server(s) back.
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      DO NOT connect the Domain Controller back to the network.

      It is OK to connect the domain members back to the network.


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        Can I increase the tombstone life and then connect ADC and member servers?


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          As joeqwerty said, do NOT reconnect that old DC back to the network, as it is. Your member servers won't cause damage, but the old DC will. The other member servers will need their account passwords reset but should work fine once that's done. For that old DC, follow Blood's recommendations to clear out the metadata and move on.
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