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why am I not authenticating against RODC?

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  • why am I not authenticating against RODC?

    we recently created a new site for our dmz and deployed in it an rodc.
    using a user that is allowed to replicate his credentials, I have logged on a server (also allowed to replicate it's credentials) in the new site, and from the command prompt entered the command 'echo %logonserver%', which showed the logon server to be a rwdc from a different site.
    I have made sure replication and subnet configuration are correct and returning successful results on diagnostic tests, I also made sure both user and computer accounts are replicated to the RODC by going into users and computers snap in, and manually replicating them.
    using the command 'nltest /dsgetsite' returns the correct site but the command 'nltest /DSGETDC:<domain>' showed that the dc being served is an rwdc from a different site.
    what am I doing wrong?

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    JeremyW's last post in this thread might help.
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