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Where should the DomainDNSZone and ForestDNSZone point?

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  • Where should the DomainDNSZone and ForestDNSZone point?

    In our environment we do not utilize the the Microsoft DNS (We have enterprise level DNS appliances for this). Couple that with poor AD administration in the past and I have come upon an issue that I just don't know. When I go into ADSIedit, open the Configuration section, and go into the Partitions section, I find all five entries there, however the DomainDNSZone and the ForestDNSZone both point to different GUID's.

    When I run DcDiag it suggests that these should point to the single DC we have in the environment (Something that I will be fixing once I have AD cleaned up and have a reasonable chance of bringing up a second DC). My concern though is that it says I should point to the DC I worry that is just because the message coding assumes that we are running DNS on the DC.

    So where do those two entries need to point?
    *Before it is suggested we don't want to add in a Windows DNS to the environment and the configuration of the existing DNS has the appropriate AD entries and works fine, I just want to point the two entries to the correct location*

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    It looks as though you do not need to worry about these if you are using 3rd party DNS (they seem to be Microsoft DNS specific creations).

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