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Active Directory Sites - subnet association

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  • Active Directory Sites - subnet association


    I am required to create a new active directory site, which I have never done before.

    It seems pretty straight forward to be honest, but I am a little uncertain about subnet association.

    according to this technote: "if your forest will have multiple sites, you must create subnets that assign IP addresses to Default-First-Site-Name as well as to all additional sites."

    to the new site I am creating I am only planning to associate two subnets. am I really required to associate the rest of my subnets to the default site? isn't there a rule I can create that if the subnet isn't explicitly set, then map to the default site? we have many subnets in our organization, and mapping each subnet will take a long time, and we will probably end up missing a few too.
    (also what happens to a subnet that isn't mapped to any site?)

    thanks for the help.

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    When you create a subnet you usually choose which site to associate it with (graphically)
    In bulk you could use Powershell to work with all your subnets

    If you don't associate them correctly, clients may authenticate against a remote DC, also site level GPOs will not work
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      I was told that its also possible to make a loose assignment on a large subnet such as to siteA and then more explicit assignment such as to siteB.
      does this work? can anyone confirm this?