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Managing Active Directory Tools.

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  • Managing Active Directory Tools.

    Hi everyone,

    first of all I apologize if I'm not writing this post at the right spot.

    I work for a worldwide company and I'm in charge of the local IT support for one country.

    I have many things to do, some of them are managed by the global IT, but I have things to do locally.

    One of the many things I have to do is to manage security groups, I have two types of security groups : one for users and one for the files permissions.

    I'm searching for a tool that allow me to do something like that : I select one user by putting his login and I can check in a little checkbox the security groups I want to put him in.

    Do something like this already exist or I have to do this with powershell or ... ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I'm not aware of any tools but you could try this:

    $user = Get-ADUser $(Read-Host "Enter username")
    Get-ADGroup -Filter * -Properties Description | Select SamAccountName,Description | Out-GridView -Title 'Select Groups to add user to.' -PassThru | % { Add-ADGroupMember $_.SamAccountName $user -PassThru }
    Gives you a GUI for selecting the groups.

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      Whats wrong with using ADUC?

      Select the User account and then add them to the required groups.


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        Hi everyone and thanks for your answer.

        ADUC is great when you want to add one group to one user, but when you have to add like 20-30 security groups for one user it's not effective.

        And our domain have like 25000 security group, so when you do a research to find one group, it's taking time.

        How do I use your script Jeremy ?


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          Jihem, If you really want to only manage the security groups, please use powershell itself. In case if your going to use this in large users you have to get the active directory management software.