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AD integration with a CMS

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  • AD integration with a CMS


    I think this is the correct forum to ask about this question:

    Does anyone know a good and FREE Content Management Systems that integrates easily with Active Directory?

    My client doesn't have money to buy MS SharePoint.

    I need a free solution so that users don't need to have another password to post to the CMS system.

    I'm not asking for single-sign-on! I only need a CMS/Portal that queries for users in the AD and not on it's own DataBase.

    Btw... applications like this are GOLD !!! It's almost incredible that I cannot found easily on the Internet a CMS with this feature.

    Any ideia?

    Thanks and Best Regards.

    PLONE - This CMS does what I need with a few add-ons, but I prefere something in PHP or if possible in ASP or ASPX (I really don't belive that in ASPx or ASP it's for free... )