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single forest - multiple domain - bad dns planning

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  • single forest - multiple domain - bad dns planning

    basically what i have is a forest domain - called edinburgh.local - this contains two servers as DC's both running dns.

    i have a seperate domain called lauriston.edinburgh.local - this contains 2 servers as DC's running DNS for the lauriston.edinburgh.local and this has been delegated from the forest dns

    i added a further domain - this was upgraded from NT4 to 2003 and placed in as a child domain - services.edinburgh.local . the upgraded pdc will be replaced with a clean build 2003 and additional servers added ,fsmo's etc will be moved.

    the problem with this domain though is - i didnt get the expected prompt with dcpromo for me to install the dns for this domain but instead it has placed it in the forest. so although the domain name at an AD level is services.lothian.local - the dns is just lothian.local

    now i realise this isnt really a major issue and i see my options as either live with it , replicate the_msdcs.lothian.local to all dns servers in the forest or is there a way that i can get the dns for services.lothian.local created and delegated

    the only document i see on ms site for delegation is done prior to creating the child domain.

    thanks for any feedback or if you have any questions etc
    or if you want diagrams emailed etc

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    Re: single forest - multiple domain - bad dns planning

    let's see if you get different advice on this forum