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Bizarre: rebooting DC causes internet to fail?

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  • Bizarre: rebooting DC causes internet to fail?

    Hello. This is one bizarre incident that i'm looking into. I do not work on our switches or firewalls, just strictly Microsoft and AD, Exchange, etc.. I'm having this issue and wondering if it's somehow tied to AD. Every single time I do an update to my DC with AD (has all roles ) our internet service dies. On it's back. As soon as the server comes back online everything is fine. I am by no means an AD expert but is this even possible? That my DC with AD rebooting could cause this? It's a 2003 server and I have two 2008 servers with AD but the 2003 is my primary. Seems to me my switch and firewall guys have something gaffed maybe? I'm looking in event viewer but see nothing I can make heads or tails of. Ideas appreciated.

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    Re: Bizarre: rebooting DC causes internet to fail?

    What do you mean by "failing"?
    DNS will go down with the DC so resolving sites would not work, but I suspect you have something else in mind.

    Its nothing as simple as having the DC (with 2 network cards) between the LAN and the router, is it?

    Does this happen when either DC goes down or only the 2003 box?
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      Re: Bizarre: rebooting DC causes internet to fail?

      Two suggestions.

      Either as Ossian pointed out, the SBS server has two network cards, one of which is the internet link, so the failure means the routing fails.

      However, due to your comment about "Switch and routing guys" I suspect you have a slightly more involved infrastructure. For this reason, I suspect your concern is DNS. Here's how to test.

      1. Copy down the IP address of
      2. ping by name and make sure it responds
      2b. ping the IP address for
      3. shutdown/reboot your DC. While this is occuring:
      4. Ping by name, and see if it responds.
      4b. ping by IP address, and see if it responds.

      I'll then help you figure out your dns settings..
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