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MIgrate 2003 AD to 2008 AD

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  • MIgrate 2003 AD to 2008 AD

    Hi All,

    This is my first post in this web site. Really need some help to resolve some issues of DNS migration from 2k3 to 2k8. My scenario details as shown below :

    2 AD 2K3 DC's with DNS Zones
    2 AD 2K8 DC's with DNS Zones
    All are GC's & AD Integrated DNS Zones.

    Recently transitioned Exchange 2k3 to Exchange 2010 in the same AD forest.
    Moved all my mailboxes & Groups from Ex2K3 to Ex2010 successfully.

    Demoted 1 AD2K3 DC & DNS. Now its just a member server that's it.
    Transferred all my FSMO roles from other AD2K3 to AD2K8.

    Now AD2K8 DC's are GC's, FSMO role holders & AD Integrated DNS Zones. All are primary Zones no secondary zones.

    Now I want remove AD2K3 & Exchange 2K3 from hr network & I want to keep only AD2K8 & Ex2010 Server's only.

    Now my issue is, when I stop DNS Server service on AD2K3 DC, Internet stops working on Client PC's. Naming resolution stops working. Already I transferred all the FSMO roles from AD2k3 to AD2K8. AD2K3 is not GC no more.

    Can any one tell me how to make my AD2K8 DC as primary instaed of AD2K3 DC.

    I want to remove my AD2K3 from network.

    Any help really appreciated

    Anand Sunka

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    Re: MIgrate 2003 AD to 2008 AD

    It sounds to me like it's a simple matter of configuring the clients to use the new DC\DNS server for DNS. This is set in the TCP\IP properties of the NIC on each client or in your DHCP scope\server options if the clients get their ip addresses via DHCP.


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      Re: MIgrate 2003 AD to 2008 AD

      Hello Sir,

      Already changed client DNS Server IP's to AD2K8 DNS's resp.., but still there is no luck.

      Any help really appreciated.

      Anand Sunka


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        Re: MIgrate 2003 AD to 2008 AD

        Ensure that the 2k8 server is not pointing it's DNS at the 2k3 server and there are no forwarders etc set in DNS itself to the 2k3 box.


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          Re: MIgrate 2003 AD to 2008 AD

          is it ONLY internet naming resolution that stops, or is it internal name resolution also ?

          Once you have changed the DHCP scope details, you may need to do a release/renew on clients just to be sure
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            Re: MIgrate 2003 AD to 2008 AD

            If it only the external DNS. it could be:

            I have seen it happen before. Gert

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