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Rename a Computer in W2K AD remotely connected

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  • Rename a Computer in W2K AD remotely connected

    I had some issues recentlyu with a name change on a IBM laptop running W2K SP4 on a W2K Domain. The machine was a member of the domain. I was logged onto the machine as an Enterprise admin and was logged into the domain not the local machine.

    I eventually had to delete the computer from AD and to be honest I don't recall how it was restored. I get around but one of those people that has more luck than skill with this as it is something I never truly learned properly. It is now my goal to fo that. Bought books etc.

    In the meantime I have Laptops that I am cleaning up for new users. NOt reinstalling. Thought about sysprepping them but do not know how that would work with the AD entried either.

    I am remotely connected over a VPN. I log onto the domain with an account with EAdmin rights.

    If I simply select rename computer will it properly cleanup the info in AD. IE will the old name get deleted and the new name get added.

    What will happen to any DHCP reservations for IPs. I assume they will get updated with the new name since they track by MAC.

    I believe I simply was not patient last time and had I been patient the name change would have propagated. Is that correct?

    Thank you