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Active Directory: Searching Objects

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  • Active Directory: Searching Objects

    Hi Everyone,

    I have just setup a new server 2003 enterprise box, configured it & joined it to a domain(Server 200 but every time I try to search for ad object i.e. a username nothing comes up and the search is being conducted within the domain directory.

    This computer does have the correct DNS settings for the DC and has the latest updates from Microsoft.

    I am at a complete loss of whats going on here because I can successfully log on to the computer through the domain. I did however receive 2 errors from dcdiag:

    "The Host could not be resolved to an IP address. Check the DNS server, DCHP, server name, etc."

    "Skipping all tests, because server SERVER1 is not responding to directory service requests."

    I have checked all the DNS and they all seem to be ok, so I am at a complete loss with this. Any help would be appreciated! & is there any way that the DNS settings can be reset?

    Magic 112
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    Re: Active Directory: Searching Objects

    Is this a member server or a DC?
    If a DC, is it a GC?
    What are your domain and forest FLs?

    Something very not right here -- if it is a DC, consider demoting it, if a member server, consider disjoinnig and rejoining the domain, ideally under a different name
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      Re: Active Directory: Searching Objects

      Thanks, But I managed to sort it

      Turned out that there was one setting wrong in the DNS configuration.

      Thanks, for your help though.

      Magic 112


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        Re: Active Directory: Searching Objects

        What was your fix? We've been working on the same problem for the last couple of days


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          Re: Active Directory: Searching Objects

          Usually this happens beacuse of invalid GUIDs registered in DNS.... Correcting the same/reregisteration of GUID in DNS should resolve this.

          @magic112: Would be great if you can mention what sorted out your issue..

          Kapil Sharma
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