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2 sites vpn

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  • 2 sites vpn

    Hi all,

    I am trying to setup a 2nd site to replicate oure 3rd dc at the 2nd site. But im getting errors en eventvwr 1272.

    it used to be like this: 1site

    dc01 haves 3 nics 2.0 3.0 subnet pdc,gc,dnc sync over AD
    dc02 haves 3 nics 1.0 / 2.0 /3.0 subnet gc,dnc sync over AD
    dc03 haves 2 nics 2.0/3.0 subnet gc,dnc sync over AD

    Now ive setup a vpn from subnet to The vpn works fine.

    In active directory sites and services ive created a 2nd site added subnet attached to the 2nd site and moved dc03 to the 2nd site and changed the ipadresses of dc03 to and

    Now that i have 3 subnets at siteA means that dc01 haves 3 A records but site B can only reach 1 subnet but it resolves all 3 A records. Can this be the issue that replication isnt working?
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    Re: 2 sites vpn

    First you should be aware that my experience has been that multi-homed DCs can be very problematic.

    I really think you should step back and consider an alternative design which includes DCs with single NICs.
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      Re: 2 sites vpn

      when i ping from dc03 to dc01 it cant ping it resolves A-record.

      cause vpn = < = >


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        Re: 2 sites vpn

        How are you setting up the VPN -- router to router or using RRAS?
        I have found that router-router VPNs are very easy to work with -- make sure you can resolve DCs in the "other" site by name and fqdn (add static routes if necessary) and all is OK. As soon as RRAS becomes involved, things tend to go pear shaped, as you have found.

        Basically, let your router route and your server serve
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          Re: 2 sites vpn

          the vpn connection is setup with 2 firewalls. the is issue is that my dcs are multihomed im going to disable 2 nics on each dc from site A.