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SFU Schema Extension did not complete

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  • SFU Schema Extension did not complete

    I have some troubles with the schema changes that Server for NIS in Services for Unix 3.5 does, and hope someone can help me with this.

    Our Windows environment looks like this:
    Two Windows 2000 domain controllers with AD4Unix schema extensions
    (which is almost like SFU 2.0).
    One Windows 2000 server with Exchange 2003.
    DNS running Linux
    Fileservers running Linux

    We like to upgrade the domain controllers to Windows 2003 server, and
    instead of AD4Unix we like to use Services For Unix 3.5.

    I've done this on a test environment:
    One Windows 2000 domain controller with AD4Unix schema extensions. To
    upgrade this server to 2003 I had to run hotfix Q293783 from Microsoft
    manually (the fix is to drop copying the msSFUName values to uid, and rename the attributeSchema 'uid' to 'uid-SFU-V2'), after that I could run adprep
    /forestprep and /domainprep and upgrade the server to 2003.

    After that I like to install Server for NIS from SFU 3.5 on the test server,
    but then I get following error in sfusch.log:

    DNS Hostname of FSMO

    Redirecting schema changes to
    Default Naming Context

    Domain name = 'test2003'

    Done with getting information from Active Directory

    Checking SFU schema version
    There is no extended schema for Services For Unix.

    Checking SFU V30 schema on server -
    Verifying all extended schema attributes. AD Server = ''.

    Could not find schema attribute on this DC. Attribute =

    Checking existing SFU configuration version
    Unable to access attrib = schemaVersion.
    Error: Unable to access attrib = schemaVersion.
    Error: Current Config Version = 0

    SFU Schema Extension did not complete.
    End of schema extension. Time: Wed Sep 28 10:21:47 2005

    I've done some serious hacking in the AD schema, by renaming the schema
    changes made by AD4Unix, but still I get these errors in the log.

    What does "Unable to access attrib = schemaVersion" really mean?

    Does anyone have any idea of whats going wrong??
    I'm really stuck here!!

    Please help out if you have any kind of idea on this!
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    Re: SFU Schema Extension did not complete

    Forget about this thread!
    I've found a solution already.

    I've tried to remove this thread, but didn't found how to do it?!?


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      Re: SFU Schema Extension did not complete

      well if you can post the solution, we also would be happy
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