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Names resolving as IPv6 instead of IPv4

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  • Names resolving as IPv6 instead of IPv4

    I recently had a power outage that shut down my domain controller. When it came up, all of the servers in the domain started resolving their own names as IPv6 as well as the name of the one Windows machine which is not on the domain. If i use nslookup all of the names resolve to IPv4. If i ping OTHER servers the names also resolve as IPv4. However, if I'm on a machine and ping its own hostname its returning an IPv6 address.

    I need everything resolving as IPv4. I've even tried disabling IPv6 entirely on the network adapter of one of the servers and it STILL resolves its own name as " [::1] " I'd prefer not removing IPv6 entirely as I've read there are a number of potential problems, but I need names always resolving as IPv4. Prior to the reboot of the domain controller this was the way it worked.

    Edit: I know i can 'ping -4' to find the address, but the problem I'm encountering is that applications are (apparently) resolving the names as IPv6 and failing to connect, as I can connect using the IP or but not with the hostname itself.
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    Re: Names resolving as IPv6 instead of IPv4

    You don't say it but I presume we're talking Server 2008 here

    If so, it is not enough to untick IPv6 in the connection properties, you must also go into the registry and disable it there:
    You could also have MS do it for you:

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      Re: Names resolving as IPv6 instead of IPv4

      Thanks, I'll do that to disable it if need be. However, is there a way to simply make it so that names are resolved using IPv4 first? Also, is there any logical reason why they were resolving with IPv4 until the domain controller was rebooted?


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        Re: Names resolving as IPv6 instead of IPv4

        We disable IPv6 on every machine we have for exactly this reason. Causes a lot of network headaches with absolutely no benefit to us at the moment...
        All we do though is untick the IPv6 box in the NIC's properties, never had to go into the registry to disable it.
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